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Kubernetes is the uncontested leader among container orchestrators and the essential companion of DevOps.

But the steep learning curve of such a comprehensive tool can discourage some people, leading to a lot of frustration and a long adoption delay. The daily maintenance of such technology requires time and sharp skills (or even a dedicated team.)

Entrust these tasks to our K8S DevOps experts : Keep cool and
let our team and Kubernetes do the job !

Integrated Monitoring

Out of the box, you get an easy access to Grafana for a full overview of your applications. We maintain this monitoring for you: feel free to create your own dashboards and alerts (... or borrow ours!)

Backup Management

We perform and retain your last 10 daily backups. To prevent any incidents, backups are sent to another French hoster, in a datacenter 400km away from the main site.

Full Performance

We take advantage of bare-metal machines : your containers can directly access the CPU, memory and disks. They can be launched and relaunched across our infrastructure in the blink of an eye.

Optimal Security

We set up containers exclusively dedicated to your applications. We apply best practices in infrastructure and security at all times to ensure the integrity of your applications. BlackSwift is always vigilant: we are informed of security vulnerabilities in no time and apply patches as soon as they are released.

Maintenance and High Availability

Our teams are on call 24/7 on the infrastructure to guarantee 99.9% availability of the Platform. Our updates are recurring and completely transparent to your applications!

French Touch

BlackSwift is a French company that carefully chooses its infrastructure partners: OVH, Scaleway, Ikoula and IONOS France. Our teams and partners are all based in France, for optimal respect of your data, your applications and GDPR.

Technology and Nature

Your concerns are ours too ! We prioritize energy-efficient datacenters, practicing carbon offset, 0% CO2 or using renewable energies. BlackSwift also implements a responsible corporate policy for a more climate-friendly digital world.

Clear Billing

You pay by the hour and only for what is actually reserved by your applications. Take your time to innovate, to test new technologies and processes with complete freedom... then adjust your resources ! Add or remove elements, the price will always be fair !

Get in touch with our Experts

Our team of senior DevOps is here to help and share their experience with you : feel free to open a support ticket, check our FAQ, follow our tutorials and publications. We definitely have the answers you need !


1 CPU - 2 GB RAM
0,04 excl. tax / hour
  • Monthly (30-day month) : 28.80€ excl. tax


1 GB - SSD
0,001 excl. tax / hour
  • Monthly (30-day month) : 0.72€ excl. tax

Please ask your questions ...

We have answers !

Existing market actors provide you with just a basic K8S platform. This forces you to embark alone on this powerful and complex tool to manage your end-to-end chain : to manage your exposure, to install your monitoring, to perform your own backups, to adhere to best deployment and security practices, to debug your infrastructure etc. If you need assistance, all these services require costly yearly licences… which makes understanding the billing even more complex ! On the other side, if you are an advanced user, you will quickly feel limited by the managed K8S services on the market.

But now, our BlackSwift Kubernetes experts know how convenient it is to have a clear and all-inclusive package… that’s why we’ve done it ! With bare-metal performance, environmental-friendly datacenters and experts maintaining your infrastructure… your success is guaranteed !

Absolutely ! Our intuitive platform is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike ! Our experts and our community are always there to help you.

Unlike many managed services that restrict your creativity, BlackSwift allows you to access the full power of the Kubernetes API. We provide you with Rancher and Grafana interfaces for complete visibility over your apps, to finely adjust your pods and resources. In a word, to innovate!

We’ll explain everything : our prices include the creation and retention of the last 10 backups – on a remote place, 400 km from the main datacenter and with another French hoster. Moreover, we use powerful distributed storage technologies to achieve data redundancy. Finally, we offer RWO access, but also RWX (which is a rare feature. Kube enthusiasts will say thank you !) You’re safe ! In total, 7 copies of your data are stored at various locations within our infrastructures.

Not at all ! Our services do not require any kind of commitment. You will pay by the hour for the resources you reserve on the cluster. You can stop usage, migrate and close your account whenever you want, without fees.

Here are some tips to follow:
1- Check that the problem does not come from an error in your application’s code.
2- An incident may be ongoing on the BlackSwift Platform. Check our status page: https://status.blackswift.cloud/
3- Go to Slack to follow our on-call teams’ communication in real-time.

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